Under a Funeral Moon

Under a funeral moon
benefit per la pubblicazione anarchica ecologista “Fenrir” 

dalle foreste del Canada….
dalle ore 21.30

ÆSAHÆTTR – black metal anarchico – Canada
THANTIFAXATH – black metal – Canada
FUOCO FAUTO – doom/stoner – Varese

Segue biografia delle bands e links per ascoltare i loro demo:


ÆSAHÆTTR is an anarchist black metal project from Canada.
Formed in 2008 by sole member Mike Kirkenbrannsar, Æsahættr’s only recording effort to date was accomplished over two consecutive Winters, using the isolation and beauty of the harsh Canadian season to influence and shape the ultimate realization of the Æsahættr sound. Lyrically,
this effort is largely based around the trilogy of novels _His Dark Materials_ by Phillip Pullman, touching on the themes of Gnosticism, Atheism, and blacksmithing polar bears prevalent throughout the books. “Æsahættr’s music will sweep your dark thoughts away & hide them in a cave to chew on your bones. The vocals are living demons, swirling around in a black hole spitting out pure bloodlust. These shrill screams of beautiful agony will have you under their spell. Musically, Æsahættr constructs songs that take the form of endless sonic diseases that someday will infect the whole world so that humanity as we know it will exist no more. While chaos & mayhem can be found in the songs that
this band manifests, it’s the rivers of slow-moving sorrow that wash over you before allowing you to fly away and greet emotions that you did not know existed in your noir heart. I’m so into the way the
Æsahættr builds on layers of tension to actually create serenity… I have seen the majesty of the nordic wilderness & thought to myself, what battles happened on this hallowed ground? While listening to Æsahættr, I can visualize those exact thoughts again. Maybe I was not just taking
in audio blasphemy, maybe I was time traveling?” In order to perform live Æsahættr will becollaborating with the members of Thantifaxath, mysterious cowled wizards of black metal
blasphemy hailing from the nearby forest of Toronto. LP out in March 2012 on Iconoclast Records


THANTIFAXATH are a new black metal band out of Toronto.
Not much is known about Thantifaxath; they are a small cult shrouded in mystery. They choose to remain completely anonymous, eschewing interviews and publicity, and performing in large hooded cloaks; even their instruments and equipment lack distinguishing marks, forcing one
to hone all attention in on the dark aural web they weave, and immerse onesself in its atmosphere completely. Driven by the precise and unrelenting pummel of blasting percussion,Thantifaxath embraces black metal orthodoxy while veering wildly away from it simultaneously, establishing a very unique and impressive style of their own crafting. Unhindered by minimalist instrumentation, the
essence of life-pain unfolds in an audial assault that is simultaneously dissonant, atmospheric, and technical, without being overbearingly so, coupling twisted guitar work with solid songwriting and moments of unhinged melody; the darkness comes crashing in from all sides.
Thantifaxath’s self titled EP released on vinyl in late 2011 by Media Tree Recordings is a flawless offering which very clearly asserts that Thantifaxath is destined for total black metal domination.
They released their debut ep in cassette format on Dark Descent Records.
This duo features Haereticus, who handles drum responsibilities in Sortilegia, and which may hint to the quality of black metal that is offered up here. Thantifaxath is an intense listen. The tempo is kept
high and constant, with drums alternating between relentless blastbeats and the more orthodox styles of play. The debut self titled EP is as atmospheric as riff-based black metal can possibly go.


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